The US Army purchased over 60 Adacel simulators to further support its Air Traffic Control Common Simulator (ACS) Program. The contract, valued at approximately $2.8 million, includes software and hardware support. 

The ACS program provides a single simulation air traffic control baseline for all Army and Guard units to train while stationed at home bases or when deployed to forward locations. The new simulators will be installed at multiple military locations throughout the world.  The US Army ACS program is based on Adacel’s high-fidelity MaxSim Tower and Radar suites. Each simulator can support two operator positions simultaneously and can be connected for combined tower and radar training scenarios. Adacel’s simulators will provide the immersive, high-fidelity graphics environment needed to maintain a high state of readiness.

“We welcome the opportunity to continue our support for the US Army’s ACS program,” stated Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO. “Our collaboration on this program started in 2013. We value the relationship and look forward to successfully delivering on all our commitments,” continues Verret.