Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, a subsidiary of Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), is providing the German Navy with its NH90 Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) for practising numerous tasks such as inspection, fault diagnosis, maintenance and repair procedures. The Naval Air Wing 5 in Nordholz and the International Helicopter Training Centre in Fassberg have been equipped by Telespazio VEGA Deutschland with classroom equipment and a larger number of mobile computers. The NH90 VMT software, jointly developed by Telespazio VEGA Deutschland and Telespazio France, is installed on all training computers.

The VMT software was also designed to be used on laptops, which supports flexibility in terms of time and location for training and various didactic resources enable maintenance activities to be learned and trained without the permanent presence of an instructor. The capabilities of the VMT for a flexible, mobile and decentralized training provides an excellent opportunity for Army and Navy to continue training for the NH90 efficiently in times of contact restrictions and home office.

The software is a combination of a simulation of the NH90 for the purpose of maintenance and repair as well as an interactive, detailed 3D graphical representation of the helicopter, its components and the external test equipment. The VMT is capable of executing approximately 2,500 individual maintenance tasks, which are documented in the Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP). It also provides a database with more than 1,200 malfunction cases, which serve as a comprehensive and realistic basis for a variety of inspection, diagnosis and repair tasks. The computers in the classrooms are fully connected to each other so there is interaction between instructors and students and teamwork is possible while working on the training tasks. In addition, each classroom has three large monitors with touchscreen technology for detailed explanations by the instructor.