Defence and training support company, MASS, has been awarded the Joint Command and Staff Training (JCAST) contract for UK Strategic Command, worth in excess of £11 million across a two-year period.

MASS has delivered to a JCAST model for the MoD for over 20 years, and the contract award will see it continue to deliver a high-quality training support program, in collaboration with chosen partners, designed to meet the operational-level training and exercise needs of the UK military.

Through the new contract, MASS will develop and implement exercises for Strategic Command, based at Northwood, not only for UK military personnel but also including events involving a range of other governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as participation by military staffs from coalition partner nations. The contract includes design, planning, preparation, delivery and reporting of joint operational training at Tier 2+ and Tier 3 as well as strategic-level training led by the MoD at Tier 4.

MASS’s successful bid contained new features to further enhance the training experience. This included the delivery of a Mark 2 Toolset Exercise Control team (EXCON) CIS, a new, advanced Exercise Planning & Management Tool (EPMT) and a new focus on social media modelling. MASS has partnered with 4C Strategies to provide the EPMT using its Exonaut software, specifically adapted to support training at the operational level, and providing a customised exercise planning, execution and lessons management capability.