To survive the pandemic, “Europe needs a resilient aviation sector that is socially and environmentally sustainable and provides high-quality connectivity for its citizens and regions,” according to a position paper, “Out of the Covid Crisis,” issued by the European Cockpit Association (ECA).

“There will be a severe temptation for some … to sacrifice or cannibalise other stakeholders in the pursuit of quick relief or profits. Such an approach will undermine the society that has previously tolerated the many faces of the aviation sector, and to which the aviation industry is responsible. It will fragment and weaken Europe’s aviation single market, and the position of European airlines and workers within it and globally,” the paper stated.

The ECA called for “… active political and industrial leadership… choosing and driving the better path, not ‘waiting to see’, not just accepting what happens without vision or direction.”

The group’s “holistic approach” for preserving aviation “as an essential strategic infrastructure serving the public interest” includes:

1. Socially and environmentally sustainable aviation sector for those who work in it and for the citizens, taxpayers and the wider society.

2. Single Market free of distortion and a strong global player.

3. Resilience based on safety, skilled workforce and advance planning.

“Aviation safety must be restored, maintained and increased by tightened public safety oversight, enhanced safety management by operators and crew fatigue prevention. Measures to be taken to retain skilled workforce, recency, employability and re-skilling.”

The pilots’ association decried “predatory behaviour, whereby some players try to strive at the expense of the others …Only if all stakeholders work together will aviation come out of this crisis stronger, more resilient and truly sustainable.”

To read the full position paper, click here.


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