Team AVT, consisting of the Prime Contractor, AVT Simulation, alongside subcontractors Industrial Smoke & Mirrors, Kratos Defense, and Raytheon Technologies has been selected by the US Army to develop the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Hands-on Trainer (HOT) prototype, which will join the Family of Maintenance Trainers Product Line. The multi-million-dollar contract has been awarded through the TReX Consortium using the Other Transaction Authority contracting methodology. The prototype effort is a single-phase, 18-month effort with the potential for multi-year/multi-device follow-on production.

“The JLTV is a relatively new vehicle that’s capable of performing as an armament carrier, reconnaissance platform, utility vehicle, command and control center, ambulance, and other tactical and support roles. AVT is proud to serve the Army maintenance community as they ensure sustained operations of this warfighting system,” said Kyle Crooks, CEO of AVT Simulation.

The purpose of the JLTV is to transport, support, and protect warfighters while part-replacing the High Mobility, Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. Therefore, the JLTV HOT integrated with the Family of Maintenance Trainer’s Common Core is needed to ensure proper maintenance training without the need to remove operational vehicles from the field.

The prototype trainer will be designed and built from a Government-furnished JLTV and converted into the HOT by installing Input-Output systems with Real-Time software, as well as Instructor Operator Stations with full control including lockstep, lesson plan control, freeze, and communications. The JLTV HOT will also include a Power Pack Auxiliary Training Aid, which consists of a driver’s compartment controls, a running engine, and a transmission. The JLTV HOT will be capable of controlling its running engine as a training aid, allowing students to verify correctly performing assigned lessons. Each of the HOTs will include over 200 troubleshooting and maintenance lessons with respect to the JLTV Technical Supplement and JLTV Interactive Electronic Technical Manuel. The intent is to provide training for maintenance personnel in system operation, symptom verification, troubleshooting, fault isolation, adjustment, servicing, and removal/replacement of Line Replaceable Units.