Filling the peripheral vision is the key to an effective immersive training environment. With greater immersion comes improved cognitive response times, providing a measurable training benefit for the user.

That is why an exciting new feature has been introduced into our latest Cobra180® product line: the option to have a custom profile cut from the base of the dome. The custom cut out enables the Cobra180® to be fitted closely around any single-seat cockpit or driver cabin, bringing the pilot’s or driver’s eyepoint right into the centre of the dome. This delivers a true 180-degree horizontal field of view and the maximum 80-degree vertical field of view.  

The Cobra180® provides compliant visuals for typical FNTPII fixed wing and rotary simulators and realistic minimal-footprint immersive visuals for ‘head out’ driver simulators while also supporting the increasing use of simulation for ground force training.

The system combines a 2.1m diameter panorama dome, with an integral single channel optical solution incorporating projector mounting plate, first surface mirror, and ambient light management.

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