A new EASA certified Level D Airbus H145/135 full flight simulator has joined the existing fleet at Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) after receiving approval from the German Federal Aviation Authority. The device will be put into operation at LAT's training centre near Frankfurt Airport and will allow LAT to enter the helicopter training market working in close cooperation with the Academy of the HEMS operator DRF Luftrettung.

The FFS was manufactured by Reiser Simulation and Training and is capable of displaying numerous realistic landing scenarios with moving objects in the landing area or at different locations. Due to high resolution visuals and the additional option to depict flight proceures at night with night vision equipment, the FFS is ideally suited for operator training in the HEMS area. A third crew member station with virtual reality technology and virtual helicopter hoist operation will be added as a special feature in early 2021. The device also has the option of an interchangeable cockpit to be able to simulate both Airbus types H145 and H135.

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