CPaT Global has added an Aircraft Procedures suite to its library of courseware.

“CPaT’s Aircraft Procedures Training offers clients 2D and 3D training in the realm of FMS Skills Keypad Training, Cockpit Procedures and Walk Around Training,” said Brian Bergeron, CPaT President. “Providing virtual, realistic courses for Aircraft Procedures optimizes training for airline instructors and their students by offering distance learning methods for critical skills ahead of costly simulator and classroom training.”

The Aircraft Procedures Training suite can be used in three different modes; Demo, Practice or Perform, and will be available for most of CPaT’s Aircraft fleet library. Release dates by fleet are occurring gradually starting now through the end of the first half 2021.

The FMS Skills Trainer component of the Procedural suite allows students to learn the most important FMS programming skills, including flight plan data, operational exercises, and SOPs.

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The 3D Cockpit Procedures component is pre-loaded with OEM procedures, teaches pre-flight checklist and flow preparation, and features adjustable hot spots that can include text, pictures, audio, animations, and video. The 3D Walk Around Training component is also pre-loaded with OEM procedures and offers a robust Walk Around virtual experience that uses accurate aircraft models and detailed aircraft pictures. Cockpit Procedures and Walk Around Training are both offered in 3D, with the ability to extend to virtual reality.

While the Aircraft Procedures Training is available as a standalone upgrade, pairing the suite with CPaT’s newly launched software program, Invent, empowers trainers to modify and edit specific details of the courses for a tailored training experience.