J.F. Taylor has awarded the DiSTI Corporation a contract to support the development of the Part Task Trainer (PTT) for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) within the U.S. Army’s Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) program. DiSTI will participate in the PTT development by providing lesson and software modifications to the FMT Common Core (CC) software, AMPV Diagnostic Task Trainer (DTT) software, and associated documentation to support additional AMPV PTT physical trainer requirements.

This award is the first contract for The DISTI Corporation under the U.S. Army’s Family of Maintenance Trainers Product Line initiative to apply the FMT architecture and common core software to an FMT hardware-based trainer.

Installation of classrooms featuring the AMPV DTT trainers will occur in multiple U.S. Army training locations.

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DiSTI will integrate a range of Common Core and AMPV-specific software elements, including the AMPV Lessons, Lesson Tracker, AMPV Simulation, Message Manager Interface, Instructor/Operator Station (IOS), and Training Management System (TMS).

The Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) is a program developed by the U.S. Army to establish a CC software baseline to replace its current software architecture with a solution adaptable to address new and emerging technologies for future training needs.