NCI Information Systems Inc. and Tanjo AI LLC have been chosen by the U.S. Navy to provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled project management solution.

NCI is leveraging Tanjo AI’s proprietary ML technology to infuse new data analytics capabilities into NCI’s AI platform, Shai — Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence — to deliver real-time insights and actionable intelligence to a range of federal government customers, including this latest project with the U.S. Navy.

NCI and Tanjo will be helping the organization to manage large and complex building contracts more efficiently, track subcontractors through machine automation, and ensure more timely project completion.

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“It’s a great fit for both NCI and Tanjo as we are able to put our years of AI and military experience to work in order to  help automate the U.S. Navy’s complex project management, saving taxpayer money through reducing thousands of hours of manual tracking, and freeing up skilled project managers to provide higher-value results,” said Richard Boyd, CEO, Tanjo.