European flight school FlyBy has opened its second pilot training base in Northern Spain to help cater for a significant upsurge in new cadets.

The two-runway (1.4km and 500m) flight training base acquired by FlyBy is located in Soria, approximately one hour from FlyBy's main headquarters at Burgos Airport, and will initially accommodate thirty new students. The students had completed ground school at a flight school in Portugal but were released in May of this year. 

The new facility offers fair weather, uncongested air space and airport facilities, and will be further upgraded in the coming months to be able to accommodate up to sixty students, including ground school and simulator capabilities. 

The acquisition of the Soria facility marks the latest chapter in FlyBy's remarkable turnaround and growth story. Five years ago, the school was facing bankruptcy with just ten cadets and nine staff; today, the school accommodates 220 cadets and 55 staff from 55 countries around the world, including from as far afield as Tanzania and Brunai. A further batch of 26 students are set to join the school in November.