Finnair has chosen SIMORG’s end-to-end software solution to manage its Flight Academy’s Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) operations. Finnair will utilize SIMORG’s feature set to strengthen its standards of compliance and safety, while maintaining the FSTD qualification levels.

SIMORG features a FSTD terminal screen and training planning and scheduling; sales reporting; configuration control; FSTD maintenance; defect management; spare parts management; interruption tracking; QTG tracking and compliance monitoring functions for overall management with the ability to control all flight training academy processes.

SIMORG’s Managing Director, Mustafa Köroğlu explains: “SIMORG helps our partners manage the day-to-day burdens of a flight-training center while facilitating in their efforts to go fully digital and paperless. SIMORG’s intelligent functionality allows companies to manage their centers with operational efficiency. We are thrilled to be working with Finnair in assisting with the shared goal of excellence in flight center management.”

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