The DiSTI Corporation was the recent recipient of a $5.5 million delivery order from the United States Army for M2A3/M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) virtual trainers. DiSTI will provide Diagnostic Troubleshooting Trainers (DTT) for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle along with the classroom hardware as part of the Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) program.

The total solution will extend the existing BFV DTT prototype lessons to include 80 maintenance and troubleshooting lessons and procedures. These variants of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle are equipped with enhanced features that provide rapid movement in reaction to combat or other adverse situations, protecting soldiers between critical points.

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Installation of classrooms featuring the Bradley Fighting Vehicle DTT trainers will occur in Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Lee, Virginia; and Camp Shelby located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

DiSTI's virtual training solution will allow students to train in an advanced 3D learning environment to garner the skills necessary for BFV maintenance. This program will provide the U.S. Army with immersive, cost-effective training that improves student throughput, engagement, and learning outcomes.

The FMT is a program developed by the U.S. Army to establish a Common Core software baseline to replace its current software architecture with a solution adaptable to address new and emerging technologies for future training needs.

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