CATI Training Systems (CATI) delivered another three channel Image Generation System (IGS) for a Cockpit Academics Procedural Tool-Enhanced Visual Capable System (CAPTE-VCS+) training device on Fort Rucker, Alabama. 
CATI was awarded the contract from SGB Enterprises, Inc. to provide the IGS for the second CAPTE-VCS+ delivered. This new CAPTE-VCS+ joins a complement of flight training devices at the Goodhand Simulator Complex, a component of the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE). 
The CAPTE-VCS+ provides cockpit training and familiarization that reduces pilot training time, as well as cost and performance risk. All CAPTE-VCS+ devices are now paired with CATI X-IG for a high-resolution out-the-window visual scene, providing the warfighter a life-like training experience in a virtual reality environment. 

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