Today’s aviation training requirements are changing, especially in the field of synthetic pilot training. The German MOD has contracted Airbus Defence and Space to extend the Eurofighter/Typhoon Pilot Synthetic Training System (PSTS) at the Main Operating Base (MOB) in Laage and introduce state-of-the-art simulator cockpits at all Eurofighter MOBs in Germany.

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) has been contracted by Airbus Defence and Space to provide all high-fidelity simulator cockpits under the Eurofighter/Typhoon PSTS programme. The contract includes the provision of two cockpits to extend the training capability in Laage from two to four simulators and the replacement of 10 cockpits at all the German Eurofighter MOBs in Laage, Neuburg, Nörvenich, Wittmund, and the Central Integration Facility at Airbus in Manching.

All cockpit replicas will be equipped with a full suite of cockpit displays and control panels including a newly developed fully functional head-up-display (HUD). They will also comprise RST´s g-seat motion cueing system, simulated anti-g inflation system as well as breathing air system (SAGS).

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