European flight simulation solution provider Euramec has received their first Airbus A320 cockpit from aerospace upcycling specialists AeroCircular to pave a smart way forward for highly cost-efficient flight simulation programs.

EURAMEC’s A320 cockpit simulators are cut from recently retired Airbus A320 airliners and prepared for Flight Schools in cooperation with airlines and aircraft manufacturers.
The EURAMEC upcycled A320 flight simulator uses original flight controls and bespoke cockpit instruments to help future aviators receive training for their Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).
“The A320 is the workhorse in an airline industry facing extreme headwind today. We at EURAMEC put our expertise at work to deliver a safe, highly cost-efficient and fully EASA compliant flight simulator solution for 2021 and beyond,” said Bert Buyle, CEO, EURAMEC.
“Our strategic partnership with AeroCircular, specialists in upcycling aircraft airframes, puts us in the cockpit for a new era in commercial aviation.”

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