Lenovo has become a reseller of Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR and XR headsets. This further deepens the existing collaboration between the two manufacturers and allows customers to access a complete solution for their professional virtual and mixed reality workflows. Through the reseller agreement, users can purchase “Certified for Varjo” workstations along with any device available in Varjo’s portfolio via Lenovo’s distribution channels.

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“Many existing VR offerings in the market today are enterprise versions of a consumer-designed product,” said Mike Leach, solution portfolio lead, Lenovo. “However, Lenovo’s professional workstations and Varjo’s VR and XR headsets are specifically engineered to perform in the most sophisticated and demanding enterprise use cases. Our ability to offer customers a single point of purchase for certified workstations and VR/XR devices streamlines access to the tools needed for immersive workflows that are changing the way we work today.”

The agreement not only eases enterprise adoption of virtual and mixed reality, but further accelerates an organization’s ability to bring immersive technology into the workplace. The Lenovo and Varjo combined solutions can be used for cases that demand high visual fidelity and processing performance. This spans across a variety of industries focused on design visualization, engineering, advanced training and simulation, medical imaging and demanding scientific research.

“One of the biggest obstacles in accelerating the usage and growth of professional VR/XR is getting all the right equipment sourced for an enterprise-grade set-up and ensuring compatibility between computers and headsets,” said Timo Toikkanen, CEO of Varjo. “With Lenovo becoming a Varjo reseller, we eliminate a lot of this complexity, making it even easier for customers to adopt VR/XR in the workplace for increased productivity and ROI.”