ZedaSoft delivered and integrated a 4K projector upgrade to the existing Lockheed Martin/AFRL aircraft collision avoidance technology (ACAT) simulator laboratory. The upgrade is provided by Immersive Display Solutions Inc., which includes a new high contrast screen, seven DPI eVision 4K UHD solid state LED projectors, and upgraded Scalable Display Warp and Blend software. The new projectors provide 3840x2160 pixels per channel resolution over the 270-degree wide horizontal and 120-degree vertical dome field of view.

ZedaSoft developed and continues to support upgrades to the dual-dome simulators provided for Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System (GCAS) and ICAS algorithm testing at Lockheed Martin. ICAS integrates both the Auto Air Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) and the Auto GCAS technologies. To date, the Auto GCAS system has been credited with saving 10 pilots and nine F-16 aircraft from ground collision. This same technology is now being integrated into the F-35 as a safeguard and to continue its life-saving potential.

The ZedaSoft dual dome system includes two Reconfigurable Cockpit System simulators, two Reconfigurable Desktop Simulators, Experimenter Operator Stations, and two 270-degree Immersive Displays Solutions dome projection systems each running MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generation visual scene rendering software. Simulator communications software is provided through PLEXCOMM, a product of PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.  

“We believe the tight integration of these simulator systems provided by our CBA software framework continues to provide the best test platform and value for this very important life-saving technology.” said GW Estep, president of ZedaSoft.