Wizz Air is expanding its use of Britannica Knowledge Systems’ Fox Training Management System (TMS) to implement Evidence Based Training (EBT). Fox enables Wizz Air to improve the efficiency and compliance of their training operations as they ramp up for the coming uptake in air travel.

The Fox TMS is now up and running at Wizz Air, despite the hurdles presented by the pandemic. Fox has enabled the creation and update of a variety of training programs and curricula across the entire fleet. The TMS manages all types of learning and evaluation processes including e-learning, trainee feedback and online testing for pilots, cabin crew and technicians.

“Fully implementing EBT is a lengthy, complex undertaking, and Fox will help to streamline this process for us,” said Warren Coles, Head of Crew Training/ Operations Control Centre/Crew Planning at Wizz Air. “Fox’s centralization and automation of our training operations has enabled us to consolidate our training efforts. Our training staff is now better able to focus on effective learning and compliance.”

Fox leverages the data throughout the system to generate analytics in dashboards, reports and notifications, enabling actionable insights and proactive responses. Fox has been instrumental in the implementation and onboarding of Wizz Air’s EBT and continues to enhance the quality of their training and learning operations.

Wizz Air has been using Fox to optimize its training programs since 2019.

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