A new Armoured Vehicle Simulation Centre to be built for the Australian Army will be completed in mid-2022.

The recently announced $31 million head contract for the new simulation centre is part of the $235 million Armoured Fighting Vehicle Facilities Programme Stage 1 works presently underway.

The new, three-storey simulation centre will come up in in Townsville,  North Queensland and construction begins later this month.

“The LAND 400 Phase 2 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles and the Phase 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles will represent a generational leap in the Australian Army’s warfighting capability. Together with the upgraded M1 tank and its armoured engineering variants, these vehicles will deliver a world-class close combat capability for Australia. These new vehicles will employ networked, high-fidelity training simulators in new, future ready training centres,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price announced.

Training of soldiers from the Army’s 3rd Brigade at Lavarack Barracks will be conducted at the facility which will support upgraded M1 Abrams MBTs, M88A2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles and tank supporting systems; new Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Manoeuvre Support Vehicles (LAND 400) and   Combat Engineering Vehicles,  M88A2 Recovery Vehicles (LAND 8160).