MetaVR has changed its name to MVRsimulation to align the company more closely with its growing suite of simulation products for the military and commercial training markets.

All MetaVR products, including the full suite of Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) image generator software, Terrain Tools, 3D model and 3D terrain libraries; as well as its low-cost, quick-deploy simulator training solutions will be developed, marketed and supported under the new MVRsimulation brand. The re-branding includes a new corporate logo and company website URL.

A message from Garth Smith, President, MVRsimulation:

“We are growing into new market areas offering hardware simulation solutions in addition to our VRSG software product suite, and this name change will help our customers identify us more closely with our new competencies across the military training and simulation sector,” said Garth Smith, President, MVRsimulation.