The Cobra180 single channel deployable Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) immersive dome simulator has been accredited by UK FACSTANEVAL to the following standards: Type 1 controls, Type 2 controls, Type 3 Controls, Day, Night IR, FMV, Laser, BOC, Rotary wing, Remote Observer and Joint Fires Co-ordination.

Accredited and ready to deploy high fidelity JTAC dome solution for “Call for fire” and “Close Air Support” training, is now available in the larger yet still fully van portable 2.1m diameter, 180° HFOV x 80° VFOV format. Our systems offer quick install times in all size ranges.

Using the deployable, highly portable Nautilus COBRA JTAC screen, VBS3, and Fires FST software, Nautilus has upgraded its unrivalled capability in the UK. Using Form, Fit, and Function emulated JTAC equipment, such as the Type 163 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra IR pointer and Harris Communications radios, combined with our latest premium flight cases the system can be fully set up and ready for training delivery use within two hours. All of the JTAC simulation scenarios and terrain are based on real-world locations, both in the UK and overseas. This allows the qualified JTAC to train in a realistic and demanding, simulated environment.

Cobra Simulation is working closely with its industry partner Nautilus International Risk  Consultants and offers a complete all-in-one ready to deploy hardware/ software package. In addition, Cobra can offer fully qualified system trainers for “train the trainer” system use or for contracted ongoing training delivery to end users.

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