The Halldale team is excited to be a big part of this year's I/ITSEC as we are looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Be sure to come and visit the team at booth 1159 and meet the team as well as pick up your print copy of MS&T's special I/ITSEC issue, which is packed with all important news and features about the industry.

Halldale President and CEO Andy Smith will be on-site throughout the conference and will be joined by our sales and marketing consultant Holly Foster. Three key members of our editorial team will also be in attendance; MS&T Editor Rick Adams, Halldale Group Editor Marty Kauchak and new MS&T writer Ken Storey. If you would like to book some time to speak with any of our team about anything sales, marketing, editorial or even just to catch up please contact us here so we can arrange a specific time. 

Our MS&T eNewsletters are always popular with the defence industry during I/ITSEC week. This year we will run the first of these special I/ITSEC editions on Monday November 29th with a second scheduled for Wednesday December 1st. If you would like your company news to be featured on our website or in with a chance of inclusion in either of these well-read newsletters be sure to send over your news releases to Amanda Towner or Patrick Johnston as early as possible.