Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi) recently received a contract award to provide multiple Telestra audio and communications systems for new P-8A Poseidon training suites for the New Zealand Defence Force. It is the latest in a series of contracts for international P-8 training programs. Previous deliveries include P-8A systems for the Royal Australian Air Force and U.K. Royal Air Force, as well as P-8I trainers for the Indian Navy.

Each of these simulation suites employs multiple Telestra platforms and an ASTi terrain server. The Telestras deliver high-fidelity, simulated radio communications and FAA Level D equivalent aural cues & environmental audio. The ASTi terrain server uses high-resolution data to calculate how the aircraft's position among terrain in its environment affects the quality of radio traffic and realistically degrades communication where necessary.

To reproduce the complexity of the P-8's six Mission Crew Workstations (MCW), ASTi developed a custom Telestra modeling component called the "Mission Audio Panel." This component gives trainees access to up to 36 different communications assets (e.g., radios, intercoms, etc.) with varying security level assignments. It also features a set of asset interlocks to prevent crosstalk or comms "leakage" among assets of different security levels. The ASTi radio environment also integrates with the simulation subsystem to deliver passive SONAR hydrophone audio from simulated deployed sonobuoys to MCW trainees over their simulated radios.

These ASTi technologies can provide a high fidelity P-8 audio and comms simulation for a variety of training devices, including part-task trainers, virtual maintenance trainers, deployable mission rehearsal trainers, front-end operational flight trainers, back-end weapons tactics trainers, and combined aircrew weapon systems trainers.

ASTi's history with P-8 training programs dates back to 2008 when it was selected to provide Telestra systems for the U.S. Navy. Over the years, ASTi has worked as a team member with Boeing to address and accommodate evolving training system designs and requirements and has shipped several hundred Telestra systems for training P-8 aircrews.