The American Airlines Cadet Academy and American Airlines Credit Union have introduced a new partnership, bringing an additional suite of new financial options for incoming candidates accepted into the Cadet Academy program.

As part of the Credit Union’s complete Cadet Academy financing program, the loans will be available in low fixed- and variable-rate options and are designed to cover all expenses, including housing and stipend costs.

This partnership with the Credit Union makes the Cadet Academy the only program of its kind, says American, with two financial partnerships dedicated to supporting cadets entering its program. These various financial options were designed to help eliminate the financial barriers prospective pilots face, while supporting the incremental growth of the pilot population and creating greater diversity amongst the future and current pilot ranks.

“We continue to increase our pilot hiring efforts this year and beyond, including additional investment in our Cadet Academy program,” said Christina Flores, American’s Managing Director of Aviation Recruiting and Programs. “Our work to grow and diversify the pilot profession is well underway. A critical part of that effort is our commitment to find more innovative ways to reach young, aspiring aviators and support them, financially and through mentorship, on their path to a career in aviation.”