CPaT Global continues to innovate airline training with an ongoing expansion of Invent, CPaT’s content-design, software platform. CPaT Invent is a dynamic, authoring platform that empowers airline trainers to tailor content to their specific airframes, operating procedures, and regulatory differences. Training departments gain access to CPaT’s asset library of more than 20,000 aircraft-specific and aviation images, can upload their own reference material, and make real-time changes.

“CPaT Invent is a game-changer for the development and management of aviation training distance learning,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales. “It empowers our clients to modify, update or create courseware in real-time. This innovative software tool saves time and money, while keeping courseware fresh and relevant.”  

Since 2020, the CPaT Invent software platform has evolved to include the following enhanced features where clients can now: modify CPaT’s 40+ Aviation Specialty Courses (General Subjects), use CPaT’s Interactive Diagrams in CPaT Invent lessons, upload existing training materials to CPaT Invent using PPT and Storyline Importer, automatically translate lesson narration into more than 100 languages, and customize CPaT’s Aircraft Procedures Training suites to their own unique SOPs. This feature is available for all fleet types for CPaT’s FMS Skills Trainers, 3D Cockpit Trainers, and 3D Walk Around Trainers. 


For more information on CPaT Invent, stop by Booth #100 at the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS), from 3-5 May in Orlando, Florida.