Mobile app and web-based Aviation Radio Simulator, ARSim, will now allow pilots to toggle between Federal Aviation Administration and The International Civil Aviation Organization aviation phraseology standards. The feature is available to any user and subscriber at no additional cost.

ARSim, the Aviation Radio Simulator, is an AI-based simulator for individualized aircrew aviation communications and radio procedures training. ARSim allows pilots to master aviation radio communication outside of the cockpit without help from instructor pilots, freeing precious flight time to focus on flight training.

This new addition will build upon ARSim’s training program by doubling training content and will enable any ground and flight training institution to provide a unique training experience to its students. Allowing users to toggle between these differing standards provides the opportunity for proficiency in both FAA and ICAO standards. 

Developers at PlaneEnglish are continuing to collaborate with their respective training partners in order to provide users worldwide with effective and efficient country-specific standards and training modules.