Resilient Pilot has been accredited at Gold Level as an organisation that provides International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP). The accreditation is conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

The ISMCP Gold Level is the highest possible independent accreditation awarded to organisations designing, delivering and evaluating mentoring and/or coaching programmes. It is an integral and essential step on the path to establishing the professional credibility and status of good mentoring and/or coaching programme management, ensuring programmes are: thoughtfully designed, systematically managed, and significantly contribute to the development of participants.

The EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching and supervision globally.

Resilient Pilot has provided free mentoring and coaching to hundreds of pilots around the world since it launched in 2020. The organisation has always aligned its methodology to the EMCC competencies and has a blended approach to mentoring, coaching and facilitated self-development. Pilots and crew come to Resilient Pilot for help with a range of challenges from juggling life, managing change and safeguarding wellbeing; to researching career and training options, preparing for Direct Entry Pilot and Command interviews and refreshing competencies.

In recent times, the team report that not only are they continuing to provide support for pilots still out of work, but they are also seeing an increase in operational pilots joining to enhance their skills alongside the training offered by their airline employers.

Resilient Pilot – a not-for-profit organisation – confirms that their mentoring and coaching support for individual pilots and cabin crew around the world will continue to be offered for free; regardless of career phase and current employment position. The team also host free weekly webinars on a variety of aviation related topics. Additionally, members of the ‘Resilient Crew Room’ can benefit from included or discounted monthly technical, non-technical and ‘Competency Development Scenario’ virtual workshops. Furthermore, the ‘Resilience Development Programme’ provides a pioneering, virtual experience that aims to enhance continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and – ultimately – operational performance and safety.