JANUS Research Group LLC (JANUS) has been awarded a two-year, $25 million Task Order to provide operational architecture, software development, and cloud services to the Army Futures Command (AFC), Futures and Concepts Center (FCC), Architecture Integration and Management Division (AIMD). In addition, the company has been awarded a three-year Task Order to provide mission support services for the AFC FCC, Joint Modernization Command (JMC).

Under the first Task Order, JANUS will be providing direct support to AIMD in the accomplishment of its mission and fulfillment of its role as the Army’s Architecture Data Steward (ADS), Army Futures Command Operational Architect, and Executive Agent for the Army Capabilities and Architecture Development and Integration Environment (ArCADIE), Capability Development support services, and management of the FCC Modular Data Environment.

Under the second Task Order, JANUS’ team will provide strategic planning, operations, sustainment, network operations, Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) simulation, and analysis services to the JMC as it executes its mission to conduct physical integration and evaluation of the network, capability packages, and other adaptive core capabilities for the Army.