The AiRMOUR project has launched a large-scale training programme on Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The training consists of three online courses with several modules and two masterclasses. The purpose is to give different stakeholders insights into the use of drones in Emergency Medical Services. The training is coordinated by LuxMobility in collaboration with EUROCONTROL. It is the third cornerstone in the AiRMOUR UAM Toolbox which also includes a GIS tool and a UAM Guidebook. The first online course will start on 25th May 2022.

“The first of its kind, this training programme is a unique opportunity to learn how drones can assist medical staff in their life-saving work. It will introduce Urban Air Mobility, which is an emerging concept that is likely to become a reality in the near future. You will hear information from leading experts in the aviation, medical and drone industries. I urge any stakeholders with an interest in this topic to join this insightful training,” says Senior Consultant Lucy Mascarenhas from LuxMobility.

All the modules in the first course are open for registration. The first online course will start in May and continues in June. It introduces the theme of Urban Air Mobility and how it can support Emergency Medical Services. The course is targeted at stakeholders working in cities or regional authorities and in traditional aviation. It may also be of interest to industry leaders and drone operators looking to expand their services in the medical sector.

The first AiRMOUR course includes the following modules:

•             25th May 2-3pm CET: What is Urban Air Mobility? An overview of the key terms and types of aircraft.

•             9th June 2-3pm CET: Current regulations for the operation of drones in European cities.

•             15th June 2-3pm CET: Factors to consider in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations.

•             29th June 2-3pm CET: The best practices in Air Mobility medical use cases.

To be awarded a certificate of attendance for this course, learners will need to register and attend all four live lectures. If it is not possible for users to attend all lectures then users can also register for single lectures. The online lectures will be recorded and made available this summer on an online learning platform which will be communicated nearer the time. Learners will be tested on their knowledge after working through the training material and will be awarded a certificate of completion once they have finished the course.

In-person masterclass will be held in Luxembourg, Europe, at the end of this year to bring together learners and stakeholders to discuss further the topic of UAM and how it can support the medical sector. The masterclass will involve presentations from experts, a Q&A and workshop. Another masterclass will be held next year in a different country in Europe, with more details to follow.

The two other AiRMOUR UAM online courses will take place in 2023. One has a technical approach with the topic of Emergency Medical Services CONOPS and is targeted to stakeholders working with drone operations, HEMS operations and the UAM industry. The other trains about UAM policy planning and engagement and will be particularly relevant to city representatives.