By September this year, changes regarding Dispatch Training will come into effect. According to Amendment 19 to Annex III to ED Decision 2022/005/R, training has to be provided for Flight Operations Officers (FOOs) and Flight Dispatchers (FDs) if they are used by the operator. The training has to be based on the relevant parts of ICAO Annex 1 and ICAO Documents 10106 and 9868.

In order to match these requirements, infoWERK has developed around 50 learning modules, covering the required competencies of a Flight Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer. The learning modules can be assigned individually to address the training needs according to the specific FOO/FD duties and responsibilities.

The course modules can be scheduled over the 36-months recurrent training interval according to the operator's training requirements and cover the following competencies: air law, flight performance, navigation, aircraft general knowledge and instrumentation, meteorology, mass and balance, operational procedures, and flight planning and monitoring.