Barco’s FS40-4K projector has been selected by visual display systems designer 3D perception to provide the projector for their Draco fast jet mini-dome simulator. This system was awarded the contract for the US Air Force Test Center (AFTC) for the Air Force Joint Simulation Environment (JSE).

The Air Force Joint Simulation Environment is an advanced training & simulation environment for the 4th and 5th generation aircraft, including F-16 and F-35. 3D perception (3DP) was selected to supply a minimum of nine immersive visual display systems by the 412th Air Wing’s Electronic Warfare Group at Edwards Air Force Base, California, in support of the Threat and Friendly/Virtual Air Threat (TAF/VAT) JSE, for delivery to Edwards, Nellis, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases.

Barco’s FS40-4K solid-state illumination projector offers images at 4K (3840 x 2400) resolution. With the high frame rate processing and integrated adjustable SRP Smear Reduction Processing of Barco Pulse, smooth, fast-moving images are assured. The projector does not use lamps or other consumables, and provides 50,000 hours LED lifetime and 24/7 operation.

The power of 3DP’s Draco mini-dome simulators for fast-jet applications couples high visual quality with reconfigurability. This means the systems are designed for rapid delivery, installation, adaptation, and relocation. The Draco 240+ model selected for this program has 240-degree horizontal and 150-degree vertical field of view.

Important highlights of the system include the enhanced pilot immersion via dynamic eye point, seamless image through continuous time-of-day transitions and NVG scenes via automated dynamic electronic-optical hybrid blending, a compact footprint of 11-by-10-feet, camera-free solid-state image auto-alignment and calibration technology, and motorized height adjustment for adapting to multiple cockpits.