PLEXSYS and THALES have signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), which will enable both companies to collaborate closely to develop a set of complementary expertise, tools, and capabilities that offer even more advanced integrated training and simulation solutions to Ministry of Defence (MOD) customers – particularly in the air domain, but also across land, sea, and space.

PLEXSYS’ Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7 offers a dynamic and intuitive computer-generated forces (CGF) platform, simplifying the development of complex scenarios to create a high-fidelity immersive background in today’s synthetic battlespace.

Combined with THALES in the UK’s immersive digital simulation systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), training, data capture, modeling, and integration expertise, the partnership will look to develop services and products that solve real-world challenges for today’s forward-thinking multi-domain Armed Forces.

By joining forces to compete for larger contracts, PLEXSYS and THALES in the UK are laying the foundations for a successful partnership.

The MoU with THALES in the UK is a significant step for PLEXSYS in the region as it looks to expand its strategic and trusted partnerships. The alliance will enable better training everyday to its customers across the globe.