MBDA and CAE signed a memorandum of understanding at ILA 2022, in which both companies will jointly develop and deploy simulation environments for network-capable guided missiles. 

The aim is to create a virtual simulation environment that supports the development, training and use of network-enabled, collaborative effectors. In addition, armed forces can use the simulation for mission planning and optimization, for operational behavior forecasts and for testing and evaluating operational deployment concepts. In this way, armed forces are supported in planning and carrying out necessary analysis to adapt tactics, techniques and procedures. The focus is on the live virtual constructive environment which enables real-time training, testing, mission planning and the coordination of different effectors in use. 

MBDA and CAE will jointly further develop the key technologies required for mission planning, collaborative algorithms and sensor data fusion. MBDA will provide the necessary hardware and missile algorithms for development and CAE will contribute its expertise in the field of highly complex simulators.