Indra has fully acquired Simumak, a company specialized in new generation tactical training solutions, with more than 5,000 simulators delivered to 20 countries around the world. 

The acquisition allows Indra to strengthen its global leadership in simulation with new solutions and capabilities that complement its current offering, gain size to advance its growth strategy in international markets, and contribute to the consolidation of the sector in Spain. 

Indra will also be able to develop in a much more agile manner the tactical training systems that its civilian and military customers are increasingly demanding to enhance the capabilities of their professionals much more quickly. 

Indra and Simumak share the same vision of training that goes far beyond the pure instruction of the student in the control of a vehicle or platform and focuses on preparing the professional to complete tasks or tactical missions effectively and safely, interoperating with a multitude of systems, as they would do in real life, and acting in different types of scenarios in which they face situations of maximum difficulty and stress.

In land-based military operations, the solutions developed by Simumak offer an enormous potential for the training of tank and armored vehicle crews, offering them practical instruction from the onset, which accelerates the training and the detection of strengths and areas of improvement in each student. The interoperability and connectivity of the systems in turn facilitates joint virtual training of soldiers regardless of their location at different bases, thus saving time and costs and improving their readiness.