PLEXSYS Interface Products Inc. (PLEXSYS) and Inzpire Limited will demonstrate their latest technologies and advances in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022 in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, from 18-22 July 2022.

This weeklong event is held at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre and provides the venue for leaders, executives, and warfighters to meet. This event brings together participants to discuss current issues and develop solutions.

Simulation and demonstrations include ASCOT, Sonomarc, VADAAR, and DLI.

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) is a real-time interactive simulation tool that manages the entire battlespace from single ship Close Air Support (CAS) missions to multi-axis, multi-ship Large Force Exercises and Special Operations. Multiple systems can be networked together at a single site or various locations worldwide for dynamic large-scale joint and coalition exercises.

Sonomarc is a client-server system providing modern, automated, and flexible communication capabilities and audio distribution. It enables standards-compliant connections to common simulation protocols such as DIS and HLA.

Video, Audio, and Data for After-Action Review (VADAAR) is a software that allows an operator to stream, record, and review, video, audio, and data anywhere in the world from any device. VADAAR provides a local and distributed, multi-participant after-action review capability, all accomplished within a light and upgradeable software framework that uses users’ existing computer network, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Direct Link Interface (DLI) is a hardware and software solution for customers with a requirement to interface operational data link terminals and live participants with virtual or constructive participants in a simulated, virtual world.