The North Dakota Air National Guard (NDANG), working with Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi), recently developed a 5G-enabled tactical communications kit that addresses several critical communications issues for the NDANG. This manpack-deployable setup extends the relay range between tactical and simulator-based communications units while significantly enhancing portability and reducing power requirements.

The NDANG-ASTi development effort advanced the capabilities of a communication kit that was originally provided by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), as part of their Predator Research Integrated Network Combat Environment (PRINCE) remotely piloted aircraft simulator system.

Technical staff at the NDANG's 178th Attack Squadron of the 119th Wing worked with ASTi engineers to improve radio-over-IP (RoIP) relay capability. This solution connects ANG air players operating across live training ranges with trainees in remotely located MQ-9 Reaper simulators.

ASTi's Voisus RoIP product is a core element of the solution, combining real-world tactical and simulated radio traffic to provide the blended training the NDANG needs. Using the latest-generation 5G modems, the NDANG-ASTi collaboration provides ubiquitous, untethered communications while shrinking the deployable kit from a cumbersome transit case to a lightweight backpack.