Australia’s Department of Defence (Defence) has shortlisted Boeing Defence Australia, CAE Australia, Lockheed Martin Australia and Raytheon Australia for the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) Future Air Mission Training System (Air 5428 Phase 3) programme. 

The Future Air Mission Training System will replace the RAAF’s existing ground training, airborne training and learning environments with a modern integrated learning environment.

“The Future Air Mission Training System forms part of Defence’s aircrew training program,” Wing Commander Wilkins said in a Defence release. 

“It will be transformative, evolvable, flexible and enduring with the most appropriate and up-to-date training methods and tools to generate future officer aviation (mission) and selected airmen aviation candidates to meet Australian Defence Force needs until at least 2040.”

Defence will issue a request to tender to the shortlisted companies early next year for the $500 million programme.

This will be followed by a competitive evaluation of more comprehensive tendered solutions.

Defence will then progress the project for government consideration in 2024.