Melbourne Flight Training has expanded their fleet with a new Cirrus SR20 and five Cessna 172s during the month of August due to the influx of growth within the past two years. Adding the new aircraft was an exciting step for the school that “will allow for better schedule flexibility and encourage better training timelines for our students,” stated Owner and President, Derek Fallon.  

The flight school rolled out the Career Aviator Pathway (CAP) Program in November 2021, which brings students from zero flight experience to a multi-engine instructor rating in as little as six months. The program efficiently prepares students for professional airline careers by starting training in the Cessna, where they learn their basic aviation maneuvers and then graduate to the Cirrus. By having students train in the Cirrus they can use technology that similarly resembles that of airliners, which leads to more proficient training for airline careers.

The new Cirrus SR20 will be available to fly for students and rentals 365 days a year and is available to those who want to learn how to fly outside of the Career Aviator Pathway (CAP) program as well.