Based on the H145 D3, entrol’s H45 Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 7 device will be installed in Transportes Aéreos Pegaso’s base in Mexico in the upcoming months, allowing all the team in to perform their training in-house. This will be the first entrol device installed in Mexico.

This simulator will include the data package developed with the flight data gathered from the flight tests performed on the real aircraft by entrol’s engineering team. 

Being an FTD Level 7, this device will be equipped with entrol’s top technology package, including the spherical 200-by-70- degree visual system, a debriefing station to review past exercises and an entrol vibration system, among others.

The H45 is equipped with a replica of the Helionix integrated avionics. It simulates the experience of flying in an H145, including the four-axis automatic pilot system, which enhances flight security and reduces the workload pilots are exposed to.