Beside the existing Winter Operations Initial and Recurrent Training, infoWERK can now also offer the Competency Based Winter Operations Course version, which is based on the knowledge (competency) of the individual user. Candidates must show the their actual knowledge for the topic and then just have to go through a reduced mandatory part of the training, ie.e. are not required to proceed through all available course content.

The course is in compliance with SAE AS6286 Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-icing Training and Qualification Program; AS6285, AS6332 and EASA SIB No.: 2018-12

The Competency Based Winter Operations Training course includes mandatory content as well as non-mandatory content. The mandatory content is a knowledge review (questionnaire) at the start of the course which can only be visited once. Based on this assessment and depending on other mandatory content like new, revised or additional, important learning units, non-mandatory parts can be skipped. However, even if a content is not mandatory, the student can still review it any time  in the LMS.

InfoWERK will be exhibiting at this year’s 20th European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), taking place from 8-9 November 2022 in Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany. To learn more about this course, visit infoWERK at booth #608.

For more information on EATS, please click here.