In preparation for the upcoming 2023 syllabus update for the Flight Dispatch training by the GCAA UAE, T3 Aviation Academy delivered the first CBTA training in the region for its Flight Dispatch instructors and examiners.

The transition to a CBTA-focused syllabus comes with the industry’s increasing need for competency-based skills as opposed to learning or academic-centric comprehension. This allows trainees to not only understand a specific area or specialisation within their job function but also develop and have the capability to practically apply or exhibit the necessary competencies or skills in line with their profession. 

In response to the same, T3 Aviation Academy has delivered an all-encompassing, comprehensive CBTA training to 15 instructors and examiners to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and training standards required to provide CBTA Flight Dispatch training in line with the 2023 syllabus update. 

T3 Aviation Academy’s CEO, Capt. Nadhem AlHamad: “It’s of utmost importance for T3 Aviation Academy to continuously improve and adapt to the best and latest training standards and requirements globally. With the upcoming transition to CBTA, it’s imperative for us to make sure that our instructors and examiners are prepared and well-equipped to deliver the highest quality of competency-based training to our customers and clients.”