Stacey Crump and Tom Adamson from the UK Defence & Security Accelerator (DASA) are the guests on this week's episode of The Warfighter Podcast.

The duo give a synopsis of the organisation and their work, trying to foster innovation and technology that can not only be used to support defence, but also more widely across government and society.

They also provide insight on the difficulties of taking an initial idea and prototype to adoption by the mass market. Our guests discuss the approach DASA has taken to try and address the problem, with a number of specific examples and strategies.

As usual, intrepid reporter Andy Fawkes joins us to provide a preview of the trends and technologies that he believes will be significant in 2023:

While Tom gets stuck into the AI technology of the moment - ChatGPT - to see what it can do.


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MS&T special correspondent Andy Fawkes is also a regular guest, providing a digest of the recent modelling & simulation news, with some discussion around the more interesting trends.