Nowadays, Avenger Flight Group is the largest private flight simulation training organization.

To understand the origin of this success, we must look back to 2013, the year in which AFG was founded with just 2 simulators in Fort Lauderdale (Florida), with a mission to provide solutions to those airlines that are in constant development and require training for their pilots. A year later, AFG opened its second training center in Las Vegas (Nevada). From this strategic vantage position, the company continued to serve customers from the United States by setting up alliances with different airlines.

Later, AFG expanded into the LATAM market, opening training centers in Mexico City, Monterrey (Mexico), Cancún (Mexico) and Medellín (Colombia). 

AFG continues with its expansion throughout Europe, starting in Madrid (Spain) in 2019, where it set up its training center and was soon after followed by our Warsaw (Poland) premises in 2020. Thus, showing our flexibility and quick response to demand.

Simultaneously, AFG has been developing additional training centers such as "Dallas 2", Orlando (Florida) and Minneapolis (Minnesota), to help satisfy the enormous demand for pilot training. 


We develop boutique-style training centers tailored to the needs and requirements of airlines and flight schools throughout the globe.

This option allows them to train their pilots and hence minimize travel costs while providing the rigorous standards demanded by international agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

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Because AFG is a "close-up and personal" international corporation. This allows us to be extremely efficient. Each AFG employee has a friendly relationship with their customers and treats them in an individualized manner. Their testimony is our proof.

AFG responds to its consumers' needs in a timely manner, that is, meeting and maximizing their demands by developing, building and customizing a bespoke training facility anywhere in record time with cutting-edge flight simulator technology and uninterrupted maintenance and servicing. It is a bidirectional bet.


AFG has established itself as the reference company for airlines, with more than 40 full-flight simulators throughout the world. It provides its customers with strategically located training centers offering the best flight simulation experience and, of course, an unrivaled level of personalized service. A landmark which has been achieved in less than a decade as a result of AFG's high level of expertise and experience in the aviation industry.


For all these reasons, AFG's future lies in its continuous growth and expansion. We face, with resilience and innovation, any challenge posed by the sector, establishing new training centers wherever they are required and incorporating more simulators into our fleet. 

"Mi casa es su casa" is therefore a concept that surpasses any service supplied by AFG, as it follows the same dream which pilots pass down from generation to generation: to conquer the skies. 

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