Presagis, a provider of Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation, and user interface development software, has released new versions of its software including: Graphical HMI development tool, VAPS XT 5.0, ARINC 661 development tool, UA Accelerator 5.0, and ARINC 661 Protocol Analysis tool, UA Emulator 5.0.

The new versions of the HMI development tools combine to provide a suite of tools for rapid development of interactive graphical displays for avionics and other graphical applications. While standalone graphical applications can still be created with VAPS XT, Presagis has continued to invest in support for the ARINC 661 Standard, making VAPS XT’s use for widget, CDS and DF creation even easier. With a flexible and extendable graphical design tool, and automatic C++ code generation, designs can be quickly created and modifications implemented in a rapid prototyping and development cycle. To ensure requirements are satisfied, prototypes can be shared with stakeholders for review. Production code can be generated for integration, testing and deployment, and available DO-178C Certification Kits enable engineers to design, prototype, verify and deploy systems that can be certified to DAL A. Some of the new features are highlighted below:

Updates to VAPS XT 5.0 continue themes initiated in recent new versions such as: use of video in embedded applications and editor workflow and usability.  Embedded systems resource file management is supported for deployed platforms. Extensive use of data driven resources allows systems to be updated without the need for code updates. Enhanced binary font management tools now support additional options.

Next-generation airborne and ground-based flight decks and flight control systems need to support interaction with multiple personnel. Input by multiple users can now be differentiated; where previously multiple keyboards or cursors could interact, developers can now manage how user input can be managed by identifying users and providing controls.