Wings Airline Academy has been approved by Meritize to offer specifically designed student loans for US students pursing their commercial pilots license. The Meritize program is only available to US students, however the CFI scholarship is available to all global students with a deadline of December 16, 2022.

Following the successful launch of the Global Wings CFI Scholarship, U.S.-based students pursuing their commercial pilots license can now apply directly to Meritize for up to 100% of their commercial flight training to be covered by this loan program.

“Our partnership and approval with Meritize are unique in that they don’t look at current, but future earning potential of a new student pilot and have set up a payment program where up to 100% of their flight training can be covered if approved along with no payments during training and interest only payments until they land their first job as a commercial pilot,” says Nigel Orme-Managing Director.

Wings Airline Academy now encourages anyone with a dream of becoming a commercial pilot to discuss US (FAA) programs, UK (UKCAA) programs or Europe (EASA) programs with their Training Advisors to ask questions and gain more information.