Khalifa University of Science and Technology and Leonardo are joining forces to offer certification and training programs through the Khalifa University Cyber Security Academy, an initiative based on the university’s research excellence and powered by Leonardo’s Cyber-Range platform.

To be located at Khalifa University’s Main Campus in Abu Dhabi, the Khalifa University Cyber Security Academy will offer complete certification and training programs in English and Arabic, as well as special training initiatives designed to meet the needs of UAE organizations. Research personnel from the Center on Secure Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS) will be involved in offering advanced cybersecurity training. They will put together their own knowledge of the cybersecurity threats and of the ICT infrastructure specific to the UAE industry, as well as the advanced scenario set-up and high-fidelity attack replication capabilities of the Leonardo Cyber-Range platform, to offer the training. 

The Academy will leverage Leonardo's expertise in the design and delivery of solutions for the security of digital ecosystems and the resilience of critical assets as well as the recent launch of the Leonardo Cyber & Security Academy based in Italy. This partnership will further enhance Khalifa University’s prime research and academic programs, which already offer highly specialized degrees that can take students all the way to top-rated doctorate degree holders.

The Khalifa University-Leonardo collaboration includes a train-the-trainers program that will enable young Emirati security professionals to familiarize with the Leonardo platform in Italy before using it to deliver training in the UAE.

At the heart of the recently announced Khalifa University Cybersecurity Academy, will be the same proprietary platforms offered by Leonardo in Italy and worldwide, such as the Cyber Range. Designed with the principles of gamification (using mechanisms similar to those of games, with the assignment of objectives and rewards for each achievement), the Cyber Range leverages both virtualization and interoperability to simulate immersive operational scenarios.

Utilizing “digital twins” of networks, systems and applications to be protected, as well as threats and tools for both attack and defense, both individuals and groups will be able to put into practice the skills acquired to defend the infrastructure. Leonardo's platforms are able to support exercises with digital twins of thousands of nodes and hundreds of networks, simulating up to five complex scenarios simultaneously, with multiple teams and tens of users per team.