The University of Central Florida (UCF) has purchased Reaction Simulation’s iPad and Virtual Reality Training software for use in current and planned FAA-funded research.

UCF's Department of Psychology and Institute for Simulation & Training (IST) is conducting human factors research as part of an FAA grant that includes pilot training. Their team selected Reaction Simulation Software as the training tool for evaluating the effectiveness of different training methods.

The procurement document said that: "There is no product currently available that even approximates the functions and aircraft model across both desktop and VR implementations that the Reaction Simulation software provides."

As part of the agreement, Reaction Simulation created new self-guided, interactive inflight scenarios for the university’s research. The first is a go-around at low altitude where the pilot flying (PF) makes calls and flies the aircraft while an AI-based pilot monitor (PM) performs the called actions. The second is for unreliable airspeed, where the pilot learns to identify which indications are working and then fly the aircraft accordingly. Both scenarios, and a cockpit flow trainer, run on multiple screen-based platforms and in a Virtual Reality headset.