SimCentric Technologies is exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2022 on Booth #1580 in Orlando, Florida, from 28 November – 1 December. With a dedicated focus on “Enabling the Warfighter”, SimCentric is demonstrating its technologies used globally across NATO and 5-Eyes nations including the following key capabilities:

VR optimised SAF-TAC Unreal Engine individual training capability. Utilised by both the UK MOD and Australian Army, SAF-TAC SOLO delivers an on-demand, portable and intuitive training platform employing an automated instructor, competency-based learning continuum, and standardised assessment tools. Already showing exceptional results in comparative soldier trials (from 67% pass rate to 98% pass for weapons qualification), SAF-TAC SOLO enables exceptional scalability in training breadth and depth. Visitors of I/ITSEC can try their hand at self-paced weapon handling or vehicle recognition proficiencies at the show.

SimCentric’s Unreal Engine collective tactical training environment, utilising networked immersive VR stations, and enabling complex force on force missions to be conducted with minimal training liability. Focused acutely on tactical commanders and operators, SAF-TAC facilitates multiple “sets and reps” testing tactical decision making under stress particularly in post H-Hr decision making, with After Action Review to elicit lessons and facilitate learning. Delivered across multiple users in the UK and Australia, SAF-TAC is being provided under the Australian Army’s Land Simulation Core 2.0, Tranche 1 program, with multiple training nodes already established and in daily use in training.

SimCentric’s Live Fire Range Safety and fratricide mitigation application, collaboratively developed with the ADF since 2017 and procured at enterprise level in 2019. SAF-FORESIGHT focuses on enabling realistic live fire training events whilst applying technology to persistently reduce the instances of near misses, dangerous occurrences and fratricide. Built with the user community over the past six years, SAF-FORESIGHT’s core focus is to ensure that soldiers undertaking collective live fire training come home safely. More to follow in 2023 on Hybrid Teamed (Humans and UGV) Force Element live fire training and Urban live fire safety oversight.

Building on a decade of Joint Fires expertise, SAF-FIRES is SimCentric’s standards-based Joint Fires procedural trainer (individual and collective), capable of integrating with any synthetic platform operating on open simulation standards. Supplying the UK MOD, US Army, US Marine Corps, Swedish MOD, Australian Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force, French MOD, German Bundeswehr, Italian MOD and Singaporean Armed Forces, SimCentric continues a tradition of Joint Fires Observer and Joint Terminal Attack Controller proficiency / currency development and validation.