The German aviation company Blissair has opened a new flight simulation centre in the city of Bocholt near the Dutch border. From now on, professional type trainings, recurrent and safety trainings as well as check flights for the Beechcraft King Air BE90/99/100/200 series can be completed on a Level D Full-Flight Simulator from CAE.

"This gives us a unique selling point in Europe," says founder and CEO Dipl.-Ing. Franz-Hermann Enk.

BLISSAIR's service portfolio is equally attractive for aviation companies and private owners as it is for flight schools (ATOs) and Type Rating Examiners (TRE). The full-flight simulator is certified according to CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2 (approach-to-stall) for Upset Prevention Trainings (UPRT) and Recovery Trainings. It simulates a King Air B200 with integrated Pro Line 21 avionic system. This makes it possible to realistically simulate critical flight situations, such as those caused by very violent turbulences (wake turbulences) or stalls, as well as emergency scenarios or system failures, without endangering human lives or aircraft.

The company has newly constructed its own building for the full-flight simulator. This is equipped with a special foundation to guarantee a safe footing even during daring flight manoeuvres. The latter is important because - in contrast to pure software simulators - in these high-tech devices from the company CAE, the entire cockpit is moved in all conceivable directions with the help of powerful electric actuators and is also sometimes shaken quite a bit. The simulation centre includes several training rooms. Here it is possible to train small groups or brief pilots. A certificate is usually issued directly on site.

"Everything has to be as realistic as possible," explains Franz-Hermann.